Maven Central

This project is the basis for my other projects. It is a modular and full-stack application and a container for any DModules. A DModule, which is a “business-level component” and is deployed besides the Demeter, has its own three tiers and just focuses on its business-core issues.

  • The common services for all DModules are provided by Demeter.
  • It is an integrated stack of Hibernate + Spring + Wicket.
  • Demeter & all DMdules are modular Maven-based projects with JAR packaging.
  • By using the DeployArchetype, a WAR archive is created composed of Demeter and other DModule(s) artifacts.



Maven Central

It is a DModule to create simple search and report over any JDBC-related data stores. The queries are based on the data store dialect, but now it is used for SQL and EQL, which is semi-entity-based SQL where instead of table and column names, their equivalent entity and property names are used. It also provides OData REST for the searches out-of-the-box.


Maven Central

It is a DModule to help operation team and make it possible for other teams to access operation severs in a web-based environment with controlled and limited commands.

For operation team:

  • A center for all the information of servers, services, and system users
  • Web-based terminal console for Shell and Database
  • User-defined commands to handle daily jobs with ease and safety

For other teams:

  • If they want special operation services such as schema backup, copy or VM-related issues, the necessary commands can be defined with access grant to do their jobs whenever they want

Components & Common Classes


Maven Central

This project is designated for a collection of Wicket components, widely used in Demeter and the DModules for web-tier. For most of components a JQuery plugin is developed. For WebSocket and push-data mechanism, the integration classes are also developed. The list and class-diagram of the components are in the project homepage.


Maven Central

The Adroit project is a collection of common and utility classes, specially used in Demeter project.



Maven Central

“Effective development needs efficient tools” is the main idea of this project. It tries to handle ‘just-CRUD-code generation’, ‘generated-code merge’, ‘hibernate-schema generation’, and other tools via Maven plugins.


Maven Central

A Maven Archetype to create an initial project for a DModule.


Maven Central

A Maven Archetype to create a project for deploying Demeter & other DModules via a WAR.